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The SCA is participatory. Every person contributes time, talent or treasure (at whatever level they choose) to help create the social and physical atmosphere at an event and/or pass on historic skills and knowledge. For some, this means making an attempt at the proper clothing (we'll help you get started). For others, it means learning calligraphy, fencing, dancing, or whatever activities pique your interest.  We hold "events" (what we call our gatherings) nearly every weekend. Some feature tournaments and feasts, while others specialize in learning more about particular crafts. The summer months often feature full weekends of activities concentrated around a camping event, often ending with revelry around campfire.

The Chatelaine is the person who helps newcomers. If you are newly joining the SCA, or just visiting an event because the pavilions caught your eye as you drove past the park, this is the person who will answer your questions. And if they can't, they'll help you find someone who can.

Contact the Baronial Chatelaine (newcomer resource)

Lady Siobhán an Sionnaigh Ruaidh


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