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Sergeants & Candidates

Intro to SergeantryAudio
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Captains of the Sergeantry

Lady Constance Le Clerc and Lord Fenris ​

The Captains of the Sergeantry administer and assist in facilitating opportunities for Sergeantry Candidates to successfully accomplish their tasks. The Captains encourage and support Sergeants in their quest to support and defend the honor of the Barony and the Coronet through service, skill and chivalry.

Duties, Rights, and Privileges of the Sergeantry

Should you succeed in this most personal of trials, these are the expectations and ramifications for you and your consort.
Please know that any member of the sergeantry may request a leave of absence.


Each member of the sergeantry trials shall:

  • Swear an oath of fealty to the coronet of Stromgard and through them the crown of an tir.

  • Protect and defend the coronet, the barony, and her people

  • Be in the forefront in the support and instruction of novices and aid in the dissemination of information to the populace in all manner of the marshallate, arts, sciences and service.

  • Strive to uphold the ideals of chivalry, courtesy, and honor with their every word and deed.

  • Know the rules of the list and the field conventions of An Tir.

  • Strive to maintain their skills, and to increase them, to such extant that, should coronet of crown have need of them, they are ready.

  • Have the right to personal council with the coronet and recommend changes to future trials.

  • Maintain regular contact with the coronet

  • Challenge themselves at least once per year by doing something new.

  • Attend future stromgard sergeantry trials as is within their ability and provide input regarding the candidates to the coronet.

  • Form the goodly strength of the baronial war levy and answer their excellency's summons in times of strife

  • Bear the regalia of the barony

  • Maintain their membership to be viable on the field or as an officer

Stromgard Sergeantry Trials

  • All candidates must complete the required trials.​

  • All candidates are recommended to watch the following videos (these might be extra credit) :

    • A Knights Tale (2001)

    • A Lion in Winter (1968)

    • 13th Warrior (1999)

    • Vatel (2000)

    • Monty Pythons Holy Grail (1975)

    • Civilizations (2018)

    • Medieval Lives: Birth, Marriage, Death (2013)

    • She-Wolves: England’s Early Queens (2012)

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