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Past Challenges 2021

in order, first to most recent. Scroll down to see the past month's participants/entries.

FEBRUARY:   Master/Apprentice Challenge

FEBRUARY:  Master/Apprentice Team Challenge

Gawahazee Dance
M'alimma Rouanna de Manning
Lady Zulaikha al-Zarqua' 
Scythian Cap
Achaxe Auchata
Refskegg of House Bread
Herbal Database
Seamus O'Caellaigh
Lisette de la Rose

MARCH:   HRH Dowager Princess Janeltis Embroidery Challenge


Entry (above): Embroidered Belt Favor with a lion dormant from Sir Raokin's personal device. Multiple stitch types. 

Artist: Sir Rauokinn Starradottir

Entry (above): Double-drawstring Purse with Judita's Jewish persona's (forbidden) Personal Device. Multiple stitch types.

Artist: HL Judita bat Ephraim Micas

Entry (above): Heraldic (Tudor) Rose tippets, appliqued, embroidered and beaded. Multiple stitch types.

Artist: Duchess Kaaren Håkonsdotter


Entry (above)Sewing Chatelaine with device of Barony of Vulkanfeldt. Multiple stitch types.

Artist: Lady Dana Chathair Saibhin

Entry (above): Mounted Heraldic Device: (Fieldless) a poppy Gules on three stalks of wheat Or. Multiple stitch types.

Artist: HL Kattera Gliese

Entry (above): A badge of her extremely detailed personal device. Multiple stitch types. 

Artist: Lady Tatyanna of Stromgard

Entry (above): Napkin with Populace Badge of Barony of Dragon's Mist. Multiple stitch types.

Artist: HL Beak Bell of Dumfries


Entry (above)Lady Kata's personal device, surrounded by wisteria vines on a lattice. Multiple stitch types. 

Artist: Lady Kata of House Bread

Entry (above): Per Bend sinister invected Gules and Ermine. Multiple stitches. 

Artist: Mistress Lissette de la Rose

Entry (above)Her lord's personal device, used to patch his gambeson. Sashiko and Boro straight stitches. 

Artist: Lady Helvi av Gotland

APRIL: 7-Day Scribal ChallengeMistresses  Siobhan Iatrosakis and Ceridwen o’Aberistwyth

StormMaker Hlutwige Wolfkiller

Eleni Harvalias