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_Pre Registration 



for retired or injured fighters


for bardic performances



Baronial Archery Championship


Baronial Thrown Weapons Championship

due to Covid
safety concerns

Sept 24-26 at Trojan Park

(it's a camping event)

Number of attendees/participants may be limited.
Pre-registration will be secure spots on a first come, first served basis.

If capacity is reached, pre-registrants after the cap will be notified by the Baronial Seneschal and placed on a wait list in order of time of registration. If you decide not to come, or cannot attend after pre-registering, please notify the Baronial Seneschal so he can offer your spot to the top person on the waiting list. 


Come Out & Play.

Currently Planned Stuff, besides the competitions:

Arts & Sciences Stuff
Children & Family Activities
Fields of Honor for Rapier & Heavy Fighting

Court of a Reasonable Duration

SITE OPENS: 12:00 pm (noon) Friday, Sept 24th, 2021. SITE CLOSES: 3:00 pm Sunday, Sept 26th, 2021
SITE FEE: SITE FEE: $20; $5 Member Discount applies only to adult members showing proof of membership.

Children and youth 17 years of age and under, FREE. Cash or checks. No Paypal. 

CO-EVENT STEWARDS: Helvi av Gotland (Robin Wright) and Ronan Mac an Leagha (John Paul) 503-929-9435 /

Site Guidelines & FYI: 

  • This is a camping event - though you can opt to day trip one or all 3 days (leave & come back). Same site fee applies, whether camping or not.

  • Pre-registration is REQUIRED; if you're not preregistered, we may regretfully have to turn you away at gate (until you pre-register if spots are left) 

  • Payment will only be taken ONSITE at gate, cash or check (no prepayment online, no Paypal).

  • SITE FEE: $20; $5 Member Discount applies only to adult members showing proof of membership. Children and youth 17 years of age and under, FREE - no charge. Cash or Make checks payable to Barony of Stromgard, SCA Inc.

  • The "Extended Gate" Process: Step 1 - Pre-register. Step 2 - Check in at Gate where your pre-reg is verified, your site fee is paid, and you get your site token. Step 3 - After you check in, you can go unload, then park your car in the other lot. Step 4 - Stop by gate so they can verify you before walking onto the site.

  • NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED ONTO THE SITE UNLESS APPROVED BY GATE to ensure secure contact tracing required to have live events at this time).

  • All local, State and Federal guidance applies, including SCA corporate rules. Read policies in site copy or contact Event Steward for more information

  • Participants are respectfully encouraged to wear masks outside their encampment as an act of chivalry to significantly lower risk for children & other vulnerable folk and lower community anxieties. Masks required REGARDLESS of vaccination status for any and all activities where social distancing is not probable/possible (Court, watching activities, doing group activities, waiting in line, in the restrooms, etc.)

  • Follow all State of OR/WA & CDC guidance, see rules for "cohorts" (encampments/whom you eat/sleep with) in large family say or overnight camp events. We're not asking who is vaccinated/not vaccinated. Just passing on the guidance. Please note CDC guidance requests "that campers, their families, and camp staff follow guidance for travelers in the 14 days prior to camp arrival to reduce exposure to COVID-19. Ask unvaccinated campers and staff members to engage in a 2-week prearrival quarantine that includes physical distancing, mask-wearing when not at home, avoiding unnecessary travel, and refraining from indoor social gatherings with people outside of their households."

  • Children under 14 must be under direct supervision of their parent/guardian at all times: Children should stay in their cohorts at all times. This translates to keeping kids with you; or scheduling play dates within your "cohort" of 30 or less vs. free range.

  • Site owners and site contract requires a "social distancing monitor" to roam around and remind you to social distance. Be prepared for such.  

  • Smoking allowed in campsites only. Cigarette butts should be fully extinguished, preferably with water, to prevent fire risks. 

  • There will be dumpsters for your trash. Please leave the site in cleaner, better condition than you found it.

  • There will be hand sanitizer and wash stations available near activities for participant use.

  • A merciless cleaning gnome will be closing the bathrooms at frequent, regular intervals to sanitize them; don't risk waiting till the last minute to relieve yourself or you may find yourself testing your bladder/sphincter strength.

  • Public restrooms and covered areas are considered indoor, public spaces. State guidelines require masks while you are in them. Mom says, "wash your hands".

  • Gate volunteers are precious and shall be treated like nobility while on duty. Got an issue? Take it up with the Seneschal.

  • Fire ban most likely, given NOAA predictions, so no fires and no unattended flames, candles or stoves. 

  • Area closest to toilets and front parking areas reserved for persons with physical accessibility challenges on first come, first reserved basis.

  • Most of the site has sidewalks or paved areas 

  • Large groups please contact event steward to reserve space. All others claim space when you arrive. Note: there ARE isolated areas as well as a common field in which to camp.

  • RV camp parking spots will be available, but not hookups. 

  • Sign herald on site likely. 

  • All SCA participants must follow modern law, both State and Federal.

  • Pets must be on a leash and under control of the owner at all times

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Want to volunteer? We are looking for:

  • Gate coordinator

  • Arts & Science activity coordinator

  • Children & Family activity coordinator

  • Brute squad coordinator

Want to be a vendor? Contact us!

Although the SCA complies with all applicable laws to try to ensure the health and safety of our event participants, we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during in-person events. By participating in the in-person events of the SCA, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks. You agree to take any additional steps to protect your own health and safety and those under your control as you believe to be necessary.


We dedicate ourselves to honoring our rich traditions while developing equitable policies and procedures to create a space where they belong and are welcomed.

Our expectation is that all members & participants will conduct themselves in accordance with our Core Values and policies.

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Tentative Schedule
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